Brexit and chemicals regulation: The story so far

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Sometimes, in unexpected ways. Matt Steinglass, The Economist’s deputy Europe editor, explained how some of the challenges facing the EU—and a few of the myths around it—have their roots in the unique nature and evolution of the union.


Brexit has already been twice delayed thanks in large part to members of Johnson’s party (and Johnson himself) repeatedly voting down May’s Brexit deal earlier this year. Johnson, however, insisted that he would instead “pause” the legislation pending a decision by the EU on whether it would delay Brexit. After MPs rejected his timetable, Johnson could have opted to simply bring forward a new slightly longer timetable.

Mr Johnson attempted to put his revised deal to Parliament on 19 October. There are also changes to the political declaration, which sets out plans for the long-term relationship between the UK and the EU.

It says this would be based on a free trade agreement. The revised plan effectively creates a customs and regulatory border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. This means some goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain would have to pay EU import taxes (known as tariffs). Brexit was originally due to happen on 29 March 2019.

On Monday, the European Union approved a Brexit extension until January 31. The Prime Minister challenged MPs to back his call for a General Election on December 12 in return for more time to scrutinise his Brexit deal as he tried to break the deadlock. It has emerged that France is leading calls for the UK to leave within the next two weeks after Boris Johnson lost crucial votes брексит история in Parliament, leaving the decision over a delay to EU leaders. Britain’s parliament gives final approval to a bill empowering Mrs May to trigger Article 50 of the EU treaty which lays out the process for leaving the union. The UK votes for Brexit in the EU referendum by 51.9% to 48.1%, prompting then-prime minister David Cameron to resign and be replaced by Theresa May.

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On Monday October 21st, The Economist is hosting a Q&A to take audience questions and talk about the latest updates. Watch it on our Youtube брексит история channel. Regardless of when and how Brexit happens, the impact of the 2016 referendum has already been felt on the continent.

But if the EU grants an extension until the end of January, that would appear to remove the threat of Johnson taking Britain out of the bloc without an agreement. Corbyn said he would wait to see what the EU decides on a Brexit delay before deciding which way to vote on Monday, repeating that he could only back an election when the risk of Johnson taking Britain out of the EU without a deal to smooth the transition was off the table. To offer Britain a long extension would take the pressure off British lawmakers to approve Johnson’s deal and open up possibilities such as a referendum on it.

brexit история

  • Over the past three years, The Economist has covered the many ways in which Brexit may shape the British, European and global economies.
  • Their rights to live, work and study are protected under an agreement struck between the two sides — but the divorce agreement has been rejected by Britain’s Parliament, raising the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.
  • It meant Mr Johnson had to send a letter to the EU to ask for another Brexit delay.
  • One of the few certainties is another delay and more economic pain.
  • It is open to all staff of the Council of the European Union and the European Council, trainees, Permanent Representatives of Member States, staff of other EU Institutions and bodies, as well as researchers and students upon request.
  • So now everyone is waiting to see if Mr Johnson can sell this new deal to a sceptical UK Parliament.

Any Johnson Brexit deal sows seeds of future confrontation with the EU | Rafael Behr

That, in turn, might have encouraged CEOs to start spending more money on equipment, factory upgrades and expansions that have been delayed because of uncertainty over Brexit. Mr Johnson was compelled to ask for the delay by the Benn Act after he failed to get approval for his Brexit timetable at Saturday’s special sitting of Parliament. The European Commission starts implementing its “no deal” Contingency Action Plan, covering 14 areas where UK withdrawal without a deal would create “major disruption for citizens and businesses” in the remaining 27 EU states.

It came hours after MPs voted to withhold their approval for Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal unless and until he has passed all necessary legislation to implement it. Boris Johnson has asked the EU for a three-month delay to Brexit, which would extend the Article 50 negotiating period to 31 January 2020.

The film then jumps to the referendum polling day on 23 June 2016, the announcement of the result and after a victory speech, Cummings quietly leaving the Vote Leave campaign office. In the final stages, high-profile senior Tory MPs Michael Gove and Boris Johnson join the Vote Leave campaign emphasising the need to “Take Back Control”, while Penny Mordaunt is shown on BBC raising concerns over the accession of Turkey. Gove and Johnson are shown as having some reticence over specific Vote Leave claims (e.g. £350 million for NHS, and 70 million potential Turkish emigrants) but are seen to overcome them. Mills, who chairs the Vote Leave campaign, tries to have Cummings fired to merge with Leave.EU, however, he instead finds himself getting fired. Before the opening credits, a frustrated Dominic Cummings is shown at a future fictional public inquiry trying to explain that they have no understanding of the way in which technology is going to reshape politics, and therefore society, in the United Kingdom.

“This means that we could get Brexit done before the election on 12 December, if MPs (members of parliament) choose to do so,” he said. More than three years after Britons voted 52%-48% to be the first sovereign country to leave the European project, the future of Brexit is unclear. With other opposition parties rejecting the election offer, it was increasingly brexit news unlikely that Johnson’s latest bid to replace a parliament that has repeatedly put hurdles in his way would be successful. A completed deal on Brexit, even one that harmed the economy by erecting new trade barriers between Britain and its largest export market, would have provided businesses with some of the policy certainty they have been craving.

Mark Mardell uncovers the fractious yet intriguing story of Britain’s relationship with the EU. As this piece was published, a new Brexit deal was struck between Britain and the EU. But it will still have to be approved by Britain’s House of Commons.

After the opening credits, Cummings rejects an offer in 2015 by UKIP MP Douglas Carswell and political strategist Matthew Elliott to lead the Vote Leave campaign due to his contempt for “Westminister politics”, but accepts when Carswell promises Cummings full control. Connelly opens the text in the moments leading up to the ‘Leave’ announcement, moving between the political and diplomatic operations within the Irish Government, the Irish Embassy in Brussels and the UK Permanent Representation to the European brexit новости Union. MPs voted by a slim but significant margin for legislation designed to implement Johnson’s divorce deal with the EU known as the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, allowing it to move onto its next stage of passage through Parliament. McDonnell says it would be “pointless” and a “political stunt” to bring another meaningful vote on the PM’s Brexit deal after Johnson pulled the one supposed to go ahead yesterday. Talks between the British government and the EU on guaranteeing citizens’ rights if the U.K.

citizens in the bloc won’t have their rights removed and their lives disrupted if Britain leaves the EU without a deal. All told, companies are likely to face at least four and half years of uncertainty over Britain’s relationship with the European Union. Even the Brexit divorce deal negotiated by Johnson includes a transition period until the end of 2020 that is designed to give Britain time to negotiate a new trade agreement with the bloc. Within the space of 30 minutes, members of the UK Parliament went from approving in principle the deal Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reached with the European Union to rejecting another vote that triggered Johnson to shelve his deal altogether. Labour has long said it cannot back an election until no- deal Brexit is off the table.

Costa said whoever wins must ensure citizens’ rights are upheld even if there is no Brexit deal. The winner of the contest to become Britain’s next prime minister — widely expected to be Johnson — is due to be announced Tuesday. Some EU member states have said they will preserve Britons’ rights, but only if the U.K.

brexit история