MADE MAPE (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is one of the company who provided Market Development and Market Penetration Services.

Having the necessary experience dealing with the complex multi-racial and multi- religion Malaysian market for more than 8 years, We have established a healthy and stable network of approximately 4,000 retailers, covering healthcare outlets, traditional medical halls, drugstores, pharmacies, B2B Corporate, Wholesaler, Sub-wholesaler, Hypermarket, Supermarket, Mini Market, Department Store, Warehouse Retailers, Speciality Retailers, E-tailer, Retail Chain Store, Convenience Store, Discount Retailer and Duty Free Zone in both Peninsular and East Malaysia

Market Development

Market Development for products, by entering new market segment, unexplored market, targeting new  user and increase usage per user.

Market Penetration

Market penetration for products, with practical and cost-effective marketing and sales efforts to capture larger market share.