For each candidate the senator could vote for, against or wstrzymujący.zobacz also evaluate future Senators jurors SN »Tuesday 13 candidates recommended to the Senate committee for human rights, the rule of law and petitions. On the other hand, against the two candidates – Lasota and Witkowska – review committee was negative. The deadline for the selection of jurors by the Senate of the Supreme Court expires on Tuesday, July 3; the deadline for nominations for the jurors passed on May 24. Of the 19 candidates for lay judges of the Supreme Court, submitted by the deadline for the Senate Chancellery, the formal requirements fulfilled 15. Since the number of jurors has been determined by the Supreme Court and the president of the court on 36, I have already pointed out that at a later time will need a complementary choice.

According to the Supreme Court Act juror may be a person who, among others, only has Polish citizenship and enjoy full rights and public, is a good character, completed 40 years on the selection has not completed 60 years is capable, due to a medical condition, to perform the duties of a lay judge, has at least secondary education. He can not be a person who .: is employed in the courts, the prosecutor’s office or the police, working in offices serving the central organs of the state, is an attorney, solicitor, a notary, a soldier, or a priest belongs to a political party. Vice-Chairman of the verification committee recalled on Friday at a press conference in the Ministry of Justice, that for several months the inhabitants of many houses, which investigated the fate of the commission, consisting of applications for compensation or remedy for losses incurred as a result of re-privatization. Kaleta said that in May this year. committee awarded the first seven compensation for overpaid rent and compensation for one daughter who was murdered tenant activist Jolanta Brzeskiej.zobacz also: CBA detained three people on the Warsaw real estate reprivatization »” The Commission has received from the city of eight oppositions of all decisions granting compensation, the compensation awarded by the committee in may, “- said the deputy head of the verification committee. He stressed that the commission has collected several million accounts urban, which are designed to pay damages and compensations residents, “And yet, (President of the capital), Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz has decided that none of the tenants will not receive compensation or reparation, including daughter Jolanta Brzeska “- said Kaleta.

He explained that the opposition of the city, the issue of compensation will be analyzed by a civil court. “The city zawnioskowało to all the residents did not receive the first of these damages, remedies, also before the court, as well as the city demanded from all those residents reimbursement of lawyers, who were appointed by the city to conduct these proceedings,” – said Kaleta. He estimated that “this is outrageous on many levels, unintelligible, you can even say, very low behavior of the President of the City of Warsaw” .See also: Prosecutors appealed further decisions ws. Reprivatization Warsaw Real Estate »In May, the commission awarded the first verification of damages to tenants zreprywatyzowanych real estate at ul. Nabielaka 9, Nowogrodzka 6A, Poznan and Marszałkowska 14 43 Total compensation awards amounted to more than 216 thousand. zł. Compensation granted to tenants range from 7 thousand. zł to 29 thousand. zł.

In addition, the commission awarded compensation in the amount of 100 thousand. zł daughter Jolanta Brzeska. May announcement that the UK will look for other gas suppliers than Russia’s reaction to the British government to the deepening crisis in relations between London and Moscow after the assassination attempt in Britain of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripala the GRU, who went over to the British. For the same reason in May, also announced Wednesday the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats. “We look for other suppliers of gas and look at other countries (than Russia),” – said British deputy prime minister. Nowak minister stressed that Russia supplies gas to Europe on a competitive basis and will continue to do so. “Such decisions are politically motivated and do not serve the extension of competition on the European market” – said Nowak, referring to the May speech on Russian gas. At the same time Nowak stressed that Britain is, of course, the right to choose their own energy policy. “It is the right of every commercial organization and the state” – said the Russian minister.

Reuters reminds that Gazprom delivered in the UK last year, 16.3 billion cubic meters of gas, and that these supplies are 10 percent. total exports of Russian gas to Europe concern. (PAP) MMP / ap / ABOUT The Heads of State and Government of the EU agreed that the rise in the EU migrant centers of control and beyond “28” – centers to blow rescued at sea from ships. Refugees from centers located in the EU countries that voluntarily agree to do it, will be subject to relocation to other countries. There will be no quotas, however, and the chapter will take place on a voluntary basis. Guarantee in this case demanded that Poland and several other EU countries, including of the Visegrad Group. In the control centers in the EU economic migrants who will be returned to their country of origin, they are to be segregated from persons having a chance to the granting of international protection, ie. The refugees.

Only the latter will be subject to separation between the Member States concerned. During an interview with the head of the government weekly “Network” pointed out that the outcome of the summit is “unequivocal success of the entire Polish and Visegrad Group”, while asking “where are the sources of this breakthrough?”. See also: Morawiecki: Justice restored the performance of state institutions’ “After several hours of discussions, disputes, twists failed to adopt a groundbreaking stance on immigration policy. The winning our arguments, which consistently since the beginning of the rule of Law and Justice have presented to our partners from the European Union. the end of the forced relocation of refugees, each country will voluntarily decide whether he wants to accept refugees or not, “- he stressed Morawiecki. “We have united around our position Visegrad Group countries, but several other countries gave us the green light to forging our arguments in the position of the whole of the EU summit. These nocturnal negotiations were hard, there has been some twists and turns, but finally have managed to accept something that just a few months this was almost impossible.

We confirmed the same, that the priority for our government is to care about the safety of Poles. It’s also a good decision for the European Union “- said the Prime Minister. The conclusions of the EU summit indicated that the reform of the asylum system in the EU must collapse unanimous consent, based on “responsibility and solidarity”. In addition, the summit supported the establishment in the countries of North Africa centers ( ‘regional platforms for disembarkation “) for migrants rescued in the Mediterranean. The Heads of State and Government also agreed on the issues of financing the fund for Africa, which was missing 500 million euros.

We will continue dialogue with the Polish ws. The rule of law under the procedure art. 7 of the EU Treaty. Up to 17 January 2019. Poland should present a report ws. The implementation of the EU Court of Justice order.

Until then, we will present an assessment of the adopted amendments to the Law on the Supreme Court – said Commission Vice-President also Europejskiej.zobacz: KE: Timmermans Commissioners presented the situation on the rule of law in Poland »Dombrovskis did not answer the question of whether the European Commission intends to withdraw a complaint with the Court of Justice of the EU ws. Act on the Supreme Court after the President signed Andrew Duda modernizing it. In connection with the information held by the Subcommittee Affairs Re-Investigate Air Accident and published by the news agency RIA Novosti interview conducted with Alexei Morozov of the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) (…) it was established reasonable doubt as to the accuracy and veracity of the final report of the Commission Accident Investigation State Aviation operates under the leadership of Edmund Klich, and George Miller – MON.zobacz also said Dmitri Books: We got a proposition he can not refuse – not to talk about what we have seen in Moscow dissecting [iNTERVIEW RIGAMONTI] “According to the ministry are reasonable” suspicion of abandonment and neglect, which could allow the members of the Polish committee. ” “In this state of affairs could lead to committing a crime against the activities of state institutions, the judiciary or against the credibility of documents. On those grounds, the Defense Ministry to clarify the matter by the prosecution,” – said the resort. Representing the staff of the United candidate of the Right, Sebastian Kaleta stressed on Friday at a press conference that a few months comes to disrupting meetings What Patrick with residents of the capital.

In his opinion, responsible for this are political supporters of Rafał Trzaskowski. “This is unacceptable because it violates all the rules of democracy. The party that claims to be democratic and civic should respond immediately and cut off from those behaviors” – said Kaleta. “We urge Rafał Trzaskowski to stop using aggressive rhetoric, saying, for example, because of the struggle with the government (…) we can say that even encourages such attitudes on the streets. We want to consistently reach out to Warsaw, but we will not be intimidated gangster tricks that apply supporters on the streets Rafal Trzaskowski. that is why we appeal to him to Warsaw before the debate today in a clear, clear and decisive distanced himself from those who attack political opponents in the streets, “- said the politician. “We can not allow the increasing aggression on the streets of Warsaw. We want to talk about Warsaw, and not fight against it, as it does Rafał Trzaskowski in their words, even using violent rhetoric” – said Kaleta. Referring to the password electoral Trzaskowski “Warsaw for all,” Kaleta wondered “whether, if Rafał Trzaskowski for several months, did not respond to acts of verbal aggression, physical or otherwise, directed at an angle of political opponents, whether in this case + Warsaw for all + means that it is for everyone – but if someone is a supporter of the right hand is in Warsaw can get on the street + +? it is Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski “- he stressed.

During the conference a short video showing aggressive behavior of people coming to meet What Patrick. (PAP) by Edith Ros The President drew attention to the nature of the state, which has the inauguration of the academic year, as well as the respect due to professors and faculty. He mentioned the innovative research that leads from the Szczecin university years. Andrzej Duda, addressing the students, wished them success in learning, and called for their courage and openness to pay for a research paper asap debate. See also: Wroclaw University of Technology inaugurated the new year academic ‘ “Do not be afraid of discussion, that say something that contradicts with existing views. In science, one thing is most important, even a few.

The first debate, honest and reliable, located in the principles of ethics, based on the arguments, facts, results of tests, free from pozamerytorycznych issues, ideology, where it is not needed, and above all of personal prejudices, “- he stressed. The President appealed to the faculty, the students looked to the understanding, support them, but also allowed them to polemic, “let not agree with existing views.” “Development of science lies in the polemics, the debate, breaking what existing, and reaching where no one reached. For this you need to let young, little – need to be mobilized to act so” – said Andrzej Duda. See also: Gowin: Competition could be an incentive for universities to improve the »As stressed in the policy should be moderation, but learning situation is different. “Moderation in science is not needed. In science, you need courage, hard derive their arguments, breaking” – he said. “I, as president of the Republic of waiting for the Polish Nobel Prize. Przełamujcie state barriers, also in world science, even when their views preach Coryphaeus greatest” – called on scientists.

Department of Social Communication of the CBA said on Tuesday that agents from the Poznan delegation stopped former warden and former chief specialist of the Wielkopolska Armir. The detainee was also the owner of the private agricultural advisory center. All will be involved in crimes of corruption. According to the CBA, agency workers, in exchange for bribes, helped farmers obtain subsidies for investment activities, which were covered by the Rural Development Program in 2007-2013 and 2014-2020, the project “Modernization of agricultural holdings” and “The premium for young farmers” . Officers found that employees Armir received at least 73 thousand. zł. In exchange for the kickbacks they led to obtaining financial aid for farmers in the total amount of over 5.4 million. “Farmers, to improve the chances of obtaining financing, appropriate training could take place.

Here came with the help of agricultural adviser who took care + + applicants a certificate of completion of the training,” – stated in a press release. In the course of the investigation it was established that employees of agencies involved in agricultural development and completion of the required documentation submitted by farmers. Consequently, they watch over the positive consideration of applications. “In situations detect errors, have made appropriate changes to documents used to change or eliminate any irregularities” – stated. Officers from Poznan to this matter searched scolding ARMA and housing detainees. There is secured documentation and media.

To the case also interviewed several farmers. Central Anticorruption Bureau informs farmers as a result of the proposals submitted corruption gave up entangled in this practice and who handed the financial advantage that there is a possibility of using the so-called. good conduct clause. According to the law necessary to avoid criminal responsibility is voluntary notification of law enforcement. The perpetrator must at the same time notify before this authority learned about it and disclose all relevant circumstances of the offense. The first arrests announced Tuesday RMF FM radio. (PAP) by Raphael Pogrzebny As noted by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, World Consumer Day is celebrated on March 15 because on this day in 1962.

John F. Kennedy outlined the four basic consumer rights to information, choice, security and representation. “In our experience, the most frequent irregularities relate to contracts concluded away from business premises, or during a visit to a merchant in the consumer’s home or at the presentation of goods,” – he said, quoted in the press release of the Office of the OCCP president Marek Niechciał.