Study about Hankou Electronic Building Restoration Technology

Summary instructions In this context, traditional building crafts contractor in artistic conception is usually under the management, use the proper tools and also equipment, using the ages, go through the way coming from raw fabric acquisition, creation components to fit molding, to complete a post-renovation process technologies; endangered intangible cultural musical legacy in immediate need associated with rescue plus system safety. In this papers, the current reputation of our building heritage coverage process, considers the significance on the protection platform and recommendations, discuss most of their research strategies to analyze the exact feasibility to create process directed at promoting historical past protection course of action, to resolve current architectural Historical past Protection the “lost technology” and “craftsman team fault, ” the exact urgent situation for defense policies produce reference formulation. On the developing process is all about building complex cognitive technique theory in addition to principles together with methods of creation, including: the essential of building technology, building technological innovation system shape, and evolution of design technology paradigm, Chinese modern-day architecture along with sophisticated evaluation of the issue 4 to boost its system part of a series, the development of principle and apply in the field of architecture will have far-reaching significance. The good news is neglect with traditional establishing technology issues in the defense of executive heritage, typical construction concept plays a very important role within the building musical legacy protection method. Our executive heritage defense against the perspective on the role of traditional China’s architecture solutions and explore effective ways to guard and admiration their traditions.

Keywords rapid traditional building technology; architectural heritage; guarded mode; platform; building

China’s ancient setting up in the world within the unique developing system, the legacy for ancient structures is our own precious faith based heritage, of which more and more attention to protect the community. Architectural heritage protection is known as a complex job, which necessitates multi-disciplinary, multi-angle, multi-level investigation is a steady, continuous search and production process. Considering the depth coverage practical work, theoretical tests of architectural heritage security of people also deepening. Joining the new millennium, China is actually facing considerably more large-scale town renewal along with the construction of latest socialist country construction, which are architectural heirloom protection more urgent, more complicated. Architectural musical legacy protection for thought plus theoretical understanding and useful aspects must be a advancement.

At present, case study of system heritage conservation is more focused on the shape on the building itself, the layout includes, aesthetic characteristics, architectural civilization (in this situatio a narrow spiritual culture), etc ., however these analyses are important, in this ingesting the trend about species, scientists overlooked a very important issue, which may be, traditional Chinese architecture systems protection. From the traditional industrial heritage defense work, concentration is often positioned on the proper protection of the establishing itself, the manner taken just limited mapping, drawing analysis, by the attracting and other aspects, but they disregard the protection associated with its preliminary construction procedure for traditional homemade projects.

Traditional development process technology research kept mostly within the micro degree, or this is a purely complicated level, but very few consumers from the executive heritage from the height to check this issue. Depending on this, this particular paper looks at the new heritage protection system in the whole project, giving her a very role of traditional construction technology amused, and with the perspective of architectural history conservation analyze the defense and inheritance.

In recent years, China’s traditional cultural heritage coverage can be described as famous, a change in past times few analysts campaigned position, both the owner heartfelt telephone, but also the development of relevant authorities policies plus protection diets, and built-into the global proper protection of the tides.

In system heritage coverage, must entail traditional technologies and steps, they are a part of the system heritage indispensable. So far, nonetheless the academic field of architectural heritage proper protection process there can be large interruptions. In the longitudinal direction, the study of the ancient architecture engineering, building about the evolution process of contemporary architecture process per se deep level of research etc ., there are a lot of space or room. In the transverse direction, the building process of your regional traditions to explore, however the results still did not are brave enough say in general, still numerous areas to get mining. And ineffective in practice, one-sided and also inadequate proper protection of ideas, protection actions, lack of coverage technologies, like improper recycle, but also the particular protection of important troubles currently facing the work.

Wondering traditional construction craft customs embodied values aˆ‹aˆ‹and build a code of conduct, the exact song distributed Carpenter, Father agreed, suffered the process to generate, is a detailed understanding of the value of the gothic heritage floor. As the procedure is imperceptable, by the special craftsmen holds, vital records (such as video) than sayings and tour based on time period according to the technique diagram systems is more instinctive, accurate, clear to see, and easy towards spread. Hobby skill level is really a direct development of the level of technology, principle technology convention and improvement, the level of techniques and technologies is unique and also individual. Until just last year, process advancements to improve the skill-sets and technological innovation are simultaneouslysynchronically, together, unitedly, with one another linked. Method objectively present in the artisan industry all-natural environment, industry conditions and their cultural, economic, cultural and even united states government policy incorporates a direct romance.

Therefore , to learn under China’s current scenario construction boat heritage proper protection and beneficial way and even overall app system, including the institution of boat heritage safeguards application platform, such as the controlled record technologies, mining together with collating product method to help save, process initial assertion the procedure, class resolve, artisan boat skills test levels to cultivate, Carpenter area (ie, interpersonal, economic and also industry conditions, artisan worksmen team to survive, etc . ) cultivation, propagation mode artisans incentives, develop policies preserve, process, and so forth, architectural musical legacy is undoubtedly an important part of the progression, with major reality along with urgency.

Methodical “method” Development of the product depends on “principle” basis. Processed or not the trouble seems easy, actually slip covers a wide along with deep trouble, not only in the information level, playing with all elements of the theory about cognitive true operation, in-depth and systematic about excellent building concentration and basics of investigate generated for you to effectively work out the fundamental troubles in practice possess greater societal significance.

For that reason prompted the learning period skilled an extended type of visual element to focus on complete knowledge, to learn specific importance from exceptionally detailed situation as to learn from China’s countermeasures, and to investigate the extension from the principle associated with recognition in addition to generation involving detail, the tactic of the existing paper together with paradigms, and so on as the good reason for China and taiwan countermeasure advancement process shifts, new perception deeper step-by-step return to the whole built environment quality structure craft origin of the investigation, research questions eventually extensive to with regards to exquisite anatomist recognize “construction of a universal significance Figuring out and the ending theoretical mounting “principles and even methods to enhanced multi-disciplinary use of knowledge structure, based on exhaustive cognitive along with psycho-physiological elements of individual life built construction plus the built environment, and to methodically explain the elaborate engineering development of controlled principles and also promotion connected with artistic and also cultural magnitude of divine architectural new release method.

So, this paper creatively set up a “building process of” theoretical construction, including: the principle of building concept, building concept system composition, and background of establishing technology paradigm, Chinese modern-day architectural luxury of the difficulty analysis and even improvement procedures a chain associated with 4 portions, which offered the “digital divide connected with integrated computer generated art” building style and engineering methods of apprehension exquisite structure.

Basic principle construction progression, namely through the “people as well as the environment, ” the type to explain typically the psychological together with physiological good reason for intellectual and development of the generalized “craft built environment”, relevance and system configuration. Structure of our life can help determine the created environment and also construction from the meaning connected with art, boat and concept law process constitutes the information to achieve that sensation of work, science and even technology unique in the construction of real human life.

In dialectical materialism, existentialism and phenomenology, constructivism, intellectual neuroscience, lifestyle sciences, online digital and precessing science is usually proposed according to the “same Constructivism: the way those that have cognitive challenges exist” future and “that is identified Relevancy inside the Methodology “in. The whole world would be the integration of the substance found in any one issue as the common reference, simply by defining their bond established, you may construct the globe, the “World of the personal. ” Determine the boundary forming “Form”, defines the characteristics associated boundary element, material homes associated with the existence of the dialectical relationship somewhere between unity, which include transparent tumbler, is “light – clear glass instant light perception” overall oneness of the three characteristics. “Boundary” is “performance” in the beginning, associate have a “sense”, the other possible “association” that may be defined on the corresponding “meaning” content. Interpretation: manifestations seen by, within the this means of the many other relationship. Features and functions material presence is all their properties the reason is integrated while using outside community all connected body, the information has attributes determine the actual association that is definitely established.

In modern day science as well as technology over the “electrode activation, neurons, mind events” materialized and quantitative research while using results, you can construct methodical objectification and also quantification regarding human lifetime Construction, Developed Environment together with Environmental Key points and shape new complex methods model. In neurons as the fundamental unit, electrically (non-graphical media) measurement, lifespan normalized to overall dangerous the nerve fibres; neural things of honnetete and the formation of the living authority boundary by the perceptual system pedoman threshold “perception domain collection information circulation together “approach and the establishing of the Trinity, and the energy flow and substance flow control jointly explained.

Different lives dmission demarcation guidelines, such as: self-awareness and inside of the motor vehicle and its that comes normalized to the substance, involved personal dimension scale pattern and web form a bounds, regional together with social proportions of personal home of a existing presence materialized relationship, normalized historical effort series currently materialized.

In recent years, the regular construction solutions research has turned into an important theme in the field of historical past of Chinese architecture, is usually valued just by scholars in addition to experts, then made some fresh results.

Process your, is the construction of everyday living forms at the same time, but also the development and handling of the designed environment shape the process; persons the construction associated with life expertise system ascertains the produced environment progression system which involves: human everyday life forms as well as the need to create the program along with the built surroundings in the form of a few sub-systems.

A new. Building a process configuration technique

Architecture is often a detail from the entire created environment, making technology system configuration for example human everyday living forms and then the need to construct programs in addition to architectural methods, etc . three or more sub-elements.

Design is the whole “personal entire world of” cordon chain “external environment — media instructions perception instructions cognition” during the perception involving some portions of the addition, its radius, there is a typical interface to be able to define their domain material, it is a aspect of the complete built atmosphere. Thus, what it is really all about of “building technology” and its system shape is determined by the exact “Built Environment Technology” technique, but numerous.

Consistently, house of individual life is to create its this means and the the most value of the prospective, it can be depending on the structure for “Built All-natural environment Technology” approach to determining “building process” process consisting of: real human life sorts and the need to build this program, architectural forms. Building concept elements of the method, that setting up is the primary technology just for social, inventive and social system businesses. Related challenges and real human scale “human life forms and demand” mainly corresponds to the principle about human daily life, the value of life-related trends, socio-cultural and public system. Development program is often a property on the program, the fundamental elements such as materials, application; generalized fabric that is a number of material attributes, processing as well as generalized general force that is changing is very important of the border defining characteristics collection. Industrial form can be a collection of features, including the significant elements of detail, structure chain of command.

The difference is, “built environment” means most of associated with the body’s environment, right away of all that comes media that will perceive every one of the external setting; and constructions associated cadre do not actually provide a lead effect on people’s perception within the channel, currently being direct notion, to knowledgeable services, for instance hierarchical framework does not really have to be thought of, but it is certainly linked string of living indispensable aspect, together with the remainder of the construction connected with life.

Setting up technology is simply not a traditional space or room and moment coordinates association to clearly define structure values and the structure program in the building, nevertheless the people-oriented, people with social together with cultural characteristics as a yardstick to determine the setting up material through all types of perceptual field superimposed manner building boundary substance to form the principle components plus parts, and therefore logically associated construction to meet the needs from the dynamic progress integrated operation into the major of the total building, in addition to ultimately the formation involving common reality and ram interaction, use of knowledge through the “architecture” interpretation and importance judgments.

T. Paradigm advancement and construction technology

Everyone has their own developed environment exist reasonable vividness. “Construction hobby principle, ” based on the “process of building the whole configuration” to be a framework, the level of media evolution, cognitive and also operational range to determine accuracy, so that you can sense superimposed on cognitive domain, building and performance connected with construction web form and standard of evolution when the standard building process paradigm into the building process comes about, intuitive manually operated monomer form techniques, valid mechanical sub-composite technology, electronic digital computing as well as other points of incorporation builds ability four trend stages.

Using the evolution on the cognitive dimension of daily life: ignorant, deified, anatomy, everyday life sciences, psychology, physics, often the occurrence of cognitive way of thinking, cognitive neuroscience, individual level evolution listed as “divine monarch, person anatomy, people rights in addition to freedom, human factors, mechanical aesthetics, mindset, constructivism, maintainable development, “the sequence connected with depth and also integration. Stuff properties as well as processing involved by strategy affect the essential unit associated with construction in addition to construction logic, the basic unit of tasteful cognitive plus aesthetic beliefs, continue to enhance the trend of system forms; some space to look for the nature of the original illnesses of the current material symbolizes the “local” is changed by a fresh international order under the clothes “building process” represents individuals cognitive cpu and “local. ” Multisensory site related to manual handling to bring the building in the form of a sense of the limitations from the processing capacity about humane level early economic processes resulting in limited use of basic product properties plus associated elements and makes the whole built atmosphere lacks man needs ample and commonly, digital working out Science as well as Technology That supports open integration involving design and even manufacturing systems to achieve today’s industrial constructing the humane sense for scale. Because of the thought process could be the general thought of aˆ‹aˆ‹the full people finish the alternative environment related all, the between the degrees of development method, far more than on the same quality as around different sizes or possibly specific spatial location specified by a variety of buildings, or between scenarios differences.

Equipment Aesthetic Modernism does not label material or even machining appliance the same figure, but rather as being a machine specially designed and built-in line with all the product through the principles regarding logic cut. Its heart concept to seize the principles with the art connected with architecture, and the evolution involving socio-technical program, and consistently create different forms of “modernism”, for example , Activite and Designs Movement along with Art Nouveau, Bauhaus plus machine aesthetics, late modern quality doctrine plus high-tech, minimalist, ecology together with integrated electronic digital computing creation, together be construed as the main to line of development of modernism, its unique nature. Great with respect to the human being sensory structure, the initial machining flexibility together with community layout concept to comprehend the lack of ability, resulting from typically the practice connected with modernism professional dogmatic decryption of inundating and poor content. Inside cognitive neuroscience, science along with technology connected with digital computing, sensing plus much more flexible built in manufacturing and various other advanced controlled and technical achievements, supported by art form progressively shift coming from intuitive vision modeling to help calculate various shapes and even feel built-in generation, computer-controlled machine according to modernist visuals center a tad bit more refined in addition to rich cultural connotation of your architectural style of the concept will be completely had any idea.

“Construction boat principle, ” based on the “process of building a pc constitutes a” framework, in relation to the “Building Technology Paradigm and Evolution” in the case and even, combining fashionable architecture aim situation throughout China, it doesn’t evaporate lead to superior analysis crux of tricks for improvement.

The. Cognition and Research at Principle

China principle for the nature of modern architecture that may be refined setting up awareness of the scientific meaning of artistry and humanities, research is too few, the existing intercontinental studies and intensely few state-of-the-art building methods, depth and deal with learning, comprehending, application. Advancements: Learning the guidelines of engineering of human being life; to tone research and construction within the built surroundings essence for teaching, schooling basic concept of systemic architecture; the actual establishment with the “big design” concept; the establishment of your modern functional based industrial process.

W. Stages of social improvement

1840 to 1949, are being destroyed craftsmanship of traditional construction and the commencing of North west Learning typically symbolic formalism of modern buildings, a fine is usually immune. 1949 ~ big roof rapid European style, emphasis on “form language. ” Chinese current building circumstance is exactly the delicate technique towards the midst part, the main “development phase” in which the question of inevitability.

C. Everyday living forms together with demand

Construction condition, various types of do the job and problems the artistic design of uncoordinated building floors showed that the construction industry and the population as a whole tasteful ability, sensitivity needs to be enhanced. Improve the whole entire society belonging to the modern design of delightful aesthetic ability, training as well as raising awareness of perceptual tact (or “vision”), to improve the actual cultural in addition to aesthetic success (or “vision”).

D. Structural design

The communicating material buildings and their connected fine assumption and lucidite refined, modern industrial developing technology have been reconstructed man life and even aesthetic building of the general unit and its particular associated process rules, building systems that will adapt to the economic process structured. “Understanding technology advances, architectural feature and get good at an commercial manufacturing technique node setup is the demand of modern architects.

Tiongkok today may be lost within the construction of traditional worth, still stuck in the specialised level of guide operation, in order to enter the business process making stage. Creation needs the intervention of contemporary industrial producing process change for better construction, enhance building development precision, suppleness levels.

U. Vitality setting up mode

Model design and style and development of a our an effective lifetime skills, like a standard atlas, others gothic works; still its energy source comes from the main model envelops flexible application specific problems. Designers ought to understand the principle, carry out a new model studies in order to building systems system along with elements of system: (1) the main establishment of peaked advanced laboratories, such as intellectual research production laboratory, material homes in a exclusive environment analysis laboratory; (2) to collect option data, for instance people’s effort from the bottom with the internal demand from customers, mood, control and materials; (3) some sort of “plasticity electronic digital mode” engineering research, joined with modern software to build digital plasticity magic size language databases; (4) depending on above perform, construction of your relational data source to provide simple support to the CIBS.

S. Establish a good mechanism

Studio coaching mode: To determine and expose industry-wide structure, mode about cooperation, the underlying repository, basic research methods, new growing point, to have a light integration and improve students’ academic in addition to social operating; College belonging to the teaching setting up, research work for you to unify research projects.

Binding experiments and instruction. There are different kinds of industry investigate, such as the development of research procedures of investigation, technology study related particular laws controll the industry expectations, and so on. Among them, the most very closely combined with the instructing of research is a discipline, because it is completed in terms of investigate subjects by the overall considered, thinking as well as other subversive, and not just social perform during the moderate development; consequently most suitable for the new the start of a era of education and learning professionals.

Through law to ensure lead involvement of any registered creator and originator of maintaining the sign up authority. Often the role to a registered creator is not just bounced around in the design drawings, as well as to to help the market economy, in the building project forethought, economic management, technical services, materials and even timber, etc . should provide full participate in to the imperative improve the latest construction establishments backward technology readiness, style drawings inexpensive, low quality regarding workers and management degree is not high status, improve construction quality.

Set up sound packages for the safety of architectural and arty quality plus the establishment connected with national packages, regulations, laws and certain national institutions.

G. School status with research, relevancy and originality

Over the building progression is a organized study about cognition and even exquisite industrial principles in addition to methods of output, about the characteristics of structure and industrial aesthetics, knowledge, technology 3rd party and complete some unified way of thinking of structure, the State Natural Knowledge Fund Work “Computer a part of an integrated construction system (CIBS) basic research “. Architectural hypothesis and process of all aspects of profound magnitude.

“Building process rules, ” makes clear the artistic refinement regarding perceptual cognitive architecture, creating performance, engineering process, the principle of the design of artwork, the suggested future creation of stylish construction solutions and tactics laid the building blocks; “building technological innovation system configuration” provides framework analysis “construction technology Paradigm and Evolution” and delightful case technique further facts, deepen understand, to draw on, and propose precise building approach model and also its particular vision belonging to the new design method; China’s modern structures combined with the purpose the actual scenario, analyze the particular crux of your proposed development strategy. Within this paper, the Chinese fashionable architecture development, improved teaching, research expansion, architectural originality and gratitude, the basic building technology system reform craft, enlightening being familiar with, provide a hypothetical basis, and give a reference point case benchmark practices construction; the architecture source of originality, will contribute to the cognitive ability to feel the beginning and exquisite architecture, layout innovation, as well as increase the capacity of China and taiwan to build an advanced building direction original model, which in turn helps build beautiful architecture and also the built natural environment, and in the end high quality connected with life along with modern Chinese architectural civilization. This paper includes five innovation.

Digital work computing analysis division of the combination build. In that paper, according to the theory establishing process principle and system configuration exploration, digital working out science and even technology, all of us proposed the idea of aˆ‹aˆ‹cognition, bundled design together with construction methods of the “digital computing points of integration make skills, ” the delightful architecture, the need for further technological know-how research, so that they can effectively utilized in modern architectural practice, crank out new forms of exquisite architecture.

Depending on principle of making processes, solutions configuration, exploration and trend of the procedure paradigm associated with Chinese modern architecture delicate task about defining the challenge, problem evaluation, proposed ways of improve the step-by-step, integrity-related studies an originality.

Throughout principle the building process, the method constitutes a systematic and controlled analysis associated with aesthetic assumption, based on the mix of modern electronic technology and also computer scientific disciplines, advanced supplies and development technology, excellent modern buildings concepts along with practices, formulated the new stylish building output and generation.

Research architectural beauty and street art studies language system, procedure: materialized and even quantified. This thesis niche is to clarify the principles together with methods, each unity; the outdoors of the world can be unified and method, the exact “building method theory” is additionally part of the procedure of building a many aesthetic strategy included subject material.


Achievements of modern digital camera media as well as technology for that process of filming heritage, boucan, education, advertising, etc . comes with a reference for any direct way; and manage research over the process of establishing heritage, each of our predecessors are already some triumphs and knowledge; coupled with even more intensive qualified supplementary customer survey analysis, by just analyzing right after between classic construction technique known regional heritage, summed up your theory. Meted out on the basis of detailed analysis along with judgment, and research benefits and you get the theory to other related disciplines, the necessary studies, quantification along with analysis, perseverance process creativity, technical levels, artisan skill level, and building appropriate expectations and assessment mode can also be able to finished. By measuring the questionnaires and the interpersonal, environmental market place, to identify already present problems and also countermeasures locations Carpenter, propose to your girlfriend solutions, as well as in this time period can be completed. All of these basic results, points to the final part of the protection plus inheritance of an overall applying the system, and then the scientific and meticulous groundwork. In addition , in the establishment associated with heritage efficiency practice basic, with historic local system craft doctors, after hypotheses and systems have made possible the exact pilot plus Adjustment. Analysis on this question, need to incorporate theory as well as practice, investigate and application of both. Which is the fieldwork research-based, quantitative evaluation because basic way of “System”, “science” and “practical” application program as the the ultimate objective within the study. The paper considers only the thinking of the regular building hobby heritage defense system, app framework, concrete floor results will need further hard work to practice together with shall keep test and great. We look forward to the perception with guidance and put with each other this study ranks.